The Story

Wreck Peach is a cheeky hot sauce made by a couple of saucy guys in Vancouver who love cooking, eating and merrymaking. 

In that pursuit, Tuesday night supper clubs were born! One night a week where we play with some fun ingredients and figure out the most pure and elemental way to enjoy it [accompanied by the perfect beverage(s) of course].

One evening we decided we should make some hot sauce.

And what is some? For us, it meant making at least ten sauces of all different types. We took our favourites from hot sauce night to a new local restaurant and gave it to the staff to see what they thought. With the help of our saucy guinea pigs, we refined the favourite, refined and refined a little more, consumed far too many habanero peppers to be healthy, and then, in our habanero haze, refined it juuuust a bit more.

We forced our hot sauce on friends, family, co-workers and our strained partners – hot sauce production really does put a little spice in the air – and the Wreck Peach Sauce Company was born!  

This addictive sauce is a fresh habanero and peach hot sauce that is great to have a little, or have a lot, and is an homage to our favourite Vancouver beach where you’re sure to have a cheeky good time. Bringing a little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet, this sauce is killer on eggs, pork, chicken, seafood and ribs.